Talking to our Children about Money & Investing is no longer just a Luxury for the Rich & the Wealthy. Educating our youth about Saving wisely for Retirement should not be a Taboo subject in 2018.

We understand that Parents May not have the resources, tools or even the know-how about bringing up the topic of Money. That’s where we come in.

In fact, only 1 out of 5 Parents feel they are setting a good example for their kids according to a new Study done by ING Direct.

In addition, 35% of Teenagers want to know how to Save Wisely & Invest & 28% know that managing their Money with a Budget is important, but don’t have the skills or resources to do so.

Are Parents at fault? Education System? Are Children themselves to blame? The Government? Well, we aren’t here to point fingers. We are here to empower and strengthen an area of weakness in our Children’s Financial model of thoughts.

Yes. A place created where the language about Financial Mastery, Wise Spending, Budgeting, Saving & Investing is fun and engaging for Parents, Kidpreneurs & Teenpreneurs alike.

Our children need to learn how to take care of their finances while they are young. Otherwise, they will end up deep in debt and struggle to make ends meet. This is true regardless of whether the child comes from a middle class, poor, or even a wealthy family.

We've all thought it. Yes, the thought of, "What's going to happen to Social Security by the time our Children Retire? Will there even be one?" We are in times where certainty and confidence about the Financial Future of our Children has declined, and we are still looking to our Government to solve the Problem. The Government is not the Problem. School Tuition isn't the problem. Taxes aren't the problem. Our parents aren't the problem. Not knowing basics about money, spending and investing is the problem.

How so?